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Security Testing

Internet has become the bulwark on which organisations communicate and transact. While this adds to the convenience, it also makes them vulnerable manifold. Any infringement in security will not only compromise data but also mar the enterprise’s reputation and credibility.

Validating the need for security risk, the industry has coalesced around the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), a robust framework for Security/Penetration Testing Services. Indium’s security testing practice drawn from OWASP ensures that the intended functionality is maintained while protecting data.

Indium performs Security Testing throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using a delivery process that ensures detection of errors /faults at an early stage.

Security testing

Some of the typical web application attacks a business faces include:

Work authorization

Poor validation

Identity theft

Systems compromise

Data alteration

Data Destruction

Unauthorized Transactions

CSRF Attacks

Reputation Loss

Phishing Attacks

Privacy Violations

Big Data Engineering


Advanced Analytics

Blockchain Solutions

Product Development



Big Data Engineering


Advanced Analytics

Blockchain Solutions

Product Development

Indium Approach

Indium has a set process to ensure sealing all leaks. For this, it follows a step by step approach, including:

Conducting web application security audit of business critical applications

Performing vulnerability scanning leveraging testing tools

Integrating security testing and risk analysis within the application life cycle

Extensively using open source and commercial testing tools with ready to use jump start kits

Deliver these services in a catalog pricing model of engagement

Indium Best Practices for Web Security Testing

To ensure the best RoI, Indium’s testing process encompasses:

  • Certification of releases/patches as per security standards

  • Leverage the jump-start kits for rapid time-to-market

  • Create a unified process and model for web application security testing and risk modeling

  • Create and upgrade a repository of re-use-able test artifacts

To ensure the best RoI, Indium’s testing process encompasses:

  • Vulnerability scanning and auditing

  • Security Compliance Certification of releases/patches

  • A security testing shop floor for providing an integrated approach for all applications security testing

Security Tools Used Expertise

Commercial Tools

IBM Rational App Scanner

HP Web Inspect

HTTP Watch

Open Source

Web Scarab

Net Craft

Tamper Data

N Map

Web code


OWASP Tools for Web and Mobile

Burp Suite



Kali Linux tools

Quick Snapshot

Data integrity and safety are critical especially for financial institutions due to sensitivity and criticality. Understanding the security needs, performing automated as well as manual security tests to provide for varied scenarios and user acceptance testing form part of the overall security testing strategy at Indium.

Key Deliverables

Security Test covering Pen test and Enumerations, interim report with identified threats and analysis, deep dive and comprehensive vulnerable assessment report with observations and remediation are some of the key deliverables Indium has identified and implements.

Focus Areas

Compliance with OWASP Guidelines on appropriate areas( XSS, CSRF , SQL Injection, Privilege Escalation ,Weak Encryption etc.)

Malware Detection

Value Additions

Extensive checklist

Source code profiling w.r.t security

Defining Security Guidelines & Processes



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