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DevOps Containerization Services

With packaged executables, build anywhere, deploy anywhere with confidence

In today’s DevOps atmosphere, software have tasks running majorly on the cloud which makes it so that applications need special attention whenever required. Containerization environments are maintained in a way that the package of software is not dependent on the host operating system.

Our experts at Indium will enable you to maximize portability of applications and reduce dependencies on re-coding and bug fixing in the latter stages of application deployment.

Containerization has arrived along with many platforms that offer business centric for your company’s unique requirements. Containerized applications work independently of each other.

This helps our development team to individually detect bugs and remedy them with minimal downtime on other processes.

DevOps Containerization Solutions

Customer Spotlight

Strong relationships with consistent efforts

“Using R Markdown, Ruby on Rails, and Azure DevOps, Indium Software created a data visualization software for a pre-clinic biotech company. They also provided documentation for the solution.”

Through prioritizing a clear line of communication, the team was able to cultivate a strong relationship with the company, despite their remote partnership.

Value propositions

We make technology work for your business, no matter where you are in your transformation journey

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