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Migrate to cloud platforms and witness enhanced, cost-effective & secure business processes.

Accelerate cloud adoption to take your organisation to the next level by improving agility, scalability, and flexibility

Cloud migration is key tenet to any digital transformation journey. Our cloud migration solutions aid the development and execution of a cloud migration plan that gets you there, whether you are migrating totally to the cloud, transitioning between providers, or prefer a hybrid approach. Indium`s Cloud migration approach leads to process efficiency, reduced risks and lesser downtime.

Our Cloud migration services are focused on providing an optimal TCO after a seamless transition. We provide enterprises with the required tooling, automation, and experience to successfully execute a safe cloud migration journey.

Cloud Migration


Monitor real-time performance issues to expedite and simplify migration while reducing risk, maximising resource efficiency, and ensuring that all teams are aligned with your business objectives.

Client Spotlight

A leading global manufacturer of pumps and other fluid management tools, reached out to us to modernize their data management system and leverage the data collected over the years.

A sophisticated data storage system was needed which could support advanced analytics on non-traditional data and the ability to acquire 360-degree business insights. We analyzed their requirements and helped build an entire Data Platform that could enable effective decision-making, leveraging the numerous data points from the business, that could help transform the company into a Data-Driven Organization.

Migrating their data to the cloud using Striim, Power BI, Talend, etc. built a Cloud Data warehouse setup that improved the company’s ability to correlate between the various business metrices and take proactive business decisions by nearly 75% efficiency. Data Management and Maintenance become more streamlined and economical by leveraging cloud infrastructure thereby reducing the total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 50%.

Value propositions

With our cloud platform partners, you have the choice of selecting the mix of tools and services that you like, with our assistance. Our cloud experts use these techniques to create world-class cloud services that provide you with actual, demonstrable business benefit.

Our expertise with AWS, GCP, Azure and other cloud providers reflects that our certified cloud engineers provide your business with uninterrupted assistance throughout your cloud migration journey.

Success Stories

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Cloud Data Demystified

Access your current IT landscape in terms of data & analytics, set priorities, address key challenges and a deploy cloud migration strategy. (Satish Pala, CTO)

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