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Big Data Infrastructure

With large volumes of data running into terabytes and quintillions comes the need for storage. Indium’s Big Data Infrastructure Solutions delivers effective, highly scalable, optimized Big Data application. Our Big Data Solution enables Infrastructure Automation for Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark Cluster and Different Components.

Indium understands the criticality of the storage solutions for storing, retrieving and analyzing data for strategy development, and works with the following solutions based on the clients’ storage and computation needs:

To decide on the infrastructure strategy, Indium works closely with the customers to understand their data sources, business goals and budgets. Its approach includes:

Infrastructure Consulting

Implementing proven methodologies and Hadoop best practices

Strategy and Assessment

Process based approach to assess current infrastructure, evaluate further requirements, recommend optimal solutions and design an implementation roadmap.

Capacity Planning and Space Forecasting

Plan and provision for future scalability requirements to meet expected performance and fault-tolerance parameters.

Hardware Selection and Implementation

Helping customers calculate requirements, understanding configuration options and liaising with vendors and partners for procurement and implementation of hardware solutions to meet current and future needs.

Hadoop Installation and Configuration

Setting up the big data environment and enabling high performance business analytics based on industry best practices.

Big Data Engineering


Advanced Analytics

Blockchain Solutions

Product Development



Big Data Engineering


Advanced Analytics

Blockchain Solutions

Product Development

Cloud Computing

Implementing on Cloud

Efficient and secure migration of client data and applications to the target cloud environment

Support with meaningful dashboards that provide key information such as status, help in proactive monitoring and reveal root cause in case of issues.

Identity protection, access management and network controls ensuring implementation of security standards on the cloud

Ensuring performance, access, bandwidth utilization, response time, firewalls and so on

Ensuring a highly secure and flexible desktop delivery model

Big Data Security

Ensure compliance without impacting performance

Big Data Security Assessment

Ensure Hadoop compliance to security standards.

Customize Hadoop Data Security Solution

Customized security configuration covering Authentication, Authorization, Data Security, Audit and Data Lineage.


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